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“Outstanding technical and human assistance”

“In 2016, we purchased a production line from Polin for the manufacturing of “budines” and “galletitas” (puddings and cookies). One of the technicians who visited us over the years was Mr. Luca Curatola, who assisted in fine-tuning the oven and trained our staff on its operation procedures. Thanks to his proficient Spanish and his approachable demeanor, he provided us with confidence during times when we needed to communicate questions regarding the equipment assembled in our company.”

Hugo Maestre
Nutrovo. S.A

“True Professionals in Oven Technical Support”

Luca, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude for your swift and efficient assistance in resolving the issues with our oven. Despite the language barrier, you effectively communicated all necessary information, demonstrating and providing invaluable insights into oven control and adjustments. Your professionalism has garnered the respect of our entire team of mechanics. Thank you immensely for your ongoing support, even providing guidance online whenever we had doubts.

Chief technologist of the factory Sazhinskiy
Pustovaia Liudmila

“An Excellent Collaboration”

With this letter of reference, “The Bakers” AD aims to express our positive evaluation of the collaboration with Donatelteh Service s.r.l.

Throughout our collaboration during the assembly and commissioning of the cyclothermic oven, Donatelteh Service s.r.l. has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity in their tasks. All deadlines for the installation and commissioning of the project were met. Special thanks to technician Luca Curatola for his positive and results-oriented approach, professionalism, and interaction with our technicians.

For “The Bakers” AD, the collaboration with Donatelteh Service s.r.l. has been highly appreciated, and we will continue to rely on their professional technical support.

Emil Atanasov
Chief Engineer


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