In 2016 we bought a line produced by Polin; for the production of "budines" and "galletitas". One of the managers who intervened over the years was Mr. Luca Curatola, who intervened to refine the oven, as well as instructing our staff on how to use it. Thanks his adequate Spanish, added to his human predisposition, gave us confidence in times when we needed to communicate with questions related to the equipment assembled in our company.



Best regards.
Hugo Maestre
Nutrovo. S.A

Luca, I want to express my gratitude for the help given in solving the problems encountered in our oven quickly and efficiently.
Despite the difference in language, you were able to explain everything that was needed, you showed us and provided us with very useful information relating to the control of the oven and its adjustments. We consider you a true professional in your field, and you have earned the respect of our entire team of mechanics.
Thank you so much for not forgetting us and continuing to provide advice via the internet when we had any doubts.



Best regards
Chief technologist of the factory Sazhinskiy
Pustovaia Liudmila

With this reference letter "The Bakers" AD want to espress its positive assessment from its joint work with Donatelteh Service s.r.l.

In our joint work on the installation and commissioning of cyclothermic oven, Donatelteh Service s.r.l. demostrated high professinalism and correctness in its duties. All the deadline for the installation and commissioning of the project were met. Special thanks to commissioning engineer Luca CUratola for his positive, result oriented, professional and personal attitude.

For "The Bakers" AD partnership, Donatelteh Service s.r.l. is very valuable and we will continue to rely on their technical and professional support.

Emil Atanasov
Chief Engineer